The Waterton Tiny House - built for parks canada

Camping out tiny house style

Note: This was the final design/build for myself as co-owner/designer/builder under the name Serenity Acres Tiny Homes. Following this build I left to team up with another tiny house designer/builder and we are moving forward as Blackbird Tiny Homes. See 'About us' for more details.

Waterton Tiny House

'The Waterton is a 20' tiny house built on a HD twin axle trailer. The exterior has a twin propane shed in the front that's made of recycled pallet wood and has an access door on each side. The metal siding provides durability and the colour was picked by a Parks Canada representative. The wood used along the top of the home is cedar. An oversized 36" side exterior door was used for ease of access as well as providing as much light as possible (if required). At the rear of the house is a sliding, pull out deck that can be tucked away while in travel mode.

Waterton Tiny House

A view from the rear of the home shows the pull out deck which will allow for a bbq, chairs, or other outdoor furniture. The bonus of having this deck is to be able off the ground in wet or muddy conditions.

Tiny House Canada

Another view showing the beauty of the park on a clear sunny day.

Tiny House Bathroom

This is the exterior of the bathroom. Note the barn style sliding door and pallet wood walls for a rustic look (specifially requested by Parks Canada). Behind the artwork is the 30 amp service electrical panel for easy access.

Tiny House Bathroom

Parks Canada requested a flushing toilet that could be hooked up directly to their sewer system so this home does not have any grey or black water tanks - perfect for those who have hookup access and less mess to deal with. Note the continued use of pallet wood mixed with new pine interior siding.

Tiny House Eating Area

The lounge seating area. Parks Canada requested that there be enough room for 4 people to eat and also sleep so we came up with this design which will allow for both. The table leg is removable and the table top becomes part of the seating area. The surrounding cushions are then placed on top for a complete comfy bed and a curtain provides privacy. Underneath the cushions is a large storage area, the flooring is commercial grade laminate that gives the rustic look Parks Canada was looking for. Above the lounge area is the upstairs sleeping loft which is accessible via the stair/ladder on the left. We used 4x4 cedar beams to support the sleeping area and LED lights are also provided for nighttime illumination. Three large windows surround to provide ample lighting during the day.

Tiny House Pallet Wood

In keeping with the rustic theme, we covered the trailer wheel wells with used pallet wood. The white interior wall is actually pine that was white washed to provide a brighter look inside.

Tiny House Shower

A simple 3'x3' stand up shower does the trick without taking up too much space. The water is heated from an Eccotemp 80,000 BTU propane powered unit and provides ample hot water for up to 4 guests.

Tiny House Water Heater

The digital readout and easy to use controls of the Eccotemp 80,000 BTU propane hot water heater. It is wall mounted and side wall exhausted.

Tiny House Propane Furnace

A side wall mounted and exhausted propane furnace was installed and is very easy to use. The access to the gas shutoff is located in the pallet wood enclosure. This unit is rated at 11,000 BTU which is more than enough for this small space and well insulated floors (R28), walls (R14) and ceiling (R28).

Tiny House Interior

The interior lighting is located between each of the 4 upper sliding windows and can be turned on and/or off from upstairs or downstairs for ease of use and to provide safety. Rustic style bulbs were used in keeping with the rustic look that Parks Canada wanted. Also note the smoke/carbon monoxide detector which is easily accessible from the upstairs loft.

Tiny House Hookups

A view of the sewer and water hookups along with a rain barrel catch for the runoff from the eavestrough. The electrical hookup is just around the corner and comes with a 30 amp hookup as the majority of campgrounds have.

Tiny House Propane Storage

A view of the twin 30lbs propane tanks. It comes with a switch that automatically switches over to the other tank when one becomes empty. A typical BBQ propane tank is 20lbs so these twin 30lb tanks are the equivalent of 3 'bbq' tanks and should last quite awhile.

Tiny House Kitchen

The kitchen! As this home was designed and built for renting out to campers at the park, the kitchen didn't need to be big. Parks Canada provides the pots & pans, knives, plates and cups. The countertop is natural oak and we provided the double induction burner which can be put away when not in use to increase the countertop space. A bar style fridge/freezer was required for short term stays.