The Crow

24' Tiny Home

Note: This version is based on our Crow model but the clients did make some changes to it. As we are custom builders, we can make any changes or adjustments to our plans.

The Crow Tiny House

This version of the Crow is built on a 24' custom made trailer right here in Alberta. The siding is pine tongue and groove (unstained in photos), R20 walls and floor - R40 ceiling batt insulated, propane tank & storage enclosure, plenty of windows to maximum interior light, 30 amp electrical service, galvalume roof and much more.

The Crow Tiny House

A view from the opposite door side.

The Crow Tiny House

A view from the front.

The Crow Tiny House Bathroom

Simple bathroom vanity.

The Crow Tiny House Bathroom

Storage cabinet in the bathroom.

The Crow Tiny House

Photo taken from our clients parking location - what a view!

Tiny House Hot Water Heater

Propane Eccotemp hot water heater. These hot water heaters have a good reputation, LED screen readout, are quiet and efficient and best of all pretty much out of the way.

Tiny House Furnace

This home comes with a 20,000 BTU propane forced air furnace. We have one vent facing the living space, one under the fridge and another going underneath the bathroom vanity for even heating. Controls via thermostat means you can program your heater so you home never freezes.

Tiny House Owners

Excited owners stopping by to check on the progress.

Tiny House Kitchen

This fully functioning kitchen comes with a Vesta dishwasher, RV style propane range & fan, apartment size electric fridge, custom cabinets, laminate flooring, LED lighting and more.

The Crow Living Area

A cozy living area w/ fold out couch, wall mounted LED TV, playstation, LED lights (under 2nd loft) and more.

The Crow Tiny Bedroom

The main bedroom loft has 2 end shelves next to the queen size mattress, laminate flooring, LED lighting, sliding windows on both sides, dresser and more.

Tiny House Toilet

Separett composting toilet.

Tiny House Drawers

The bottom 2 steps also serve as drawers for extra storage. The steps slide into the staircase when not in use to clear up the hallway.

Tiny House Stairs

A view of the main staircase with the bottow 2 steps extended open. Each step has storage within it.

Tiny House Stove

3 burner RV style propane oven range.

Tiny House Dishwasher

This was another extra - RV style Vesta dishwasher.